Our Services

Our goal is to help our clients expand their vision of enterprise applications to encompass the full potential of technology. We have integration experience with all the top enterprise software manufacturers, including Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft, and Seibel. We provide services for the following four categories:

Enterprise Solutions

TechnoCrafts, Inc helps you demystify complex applications and focus on the transformation of your organization through the enabling technology of the leading enterprise systems. TechnoCrafts, Inc can help your organization with enterprise solutions through the following services:

Project Management

All application implementations require staffing, scheduling, coordination of resources, careful monitoring, contingency planning, change control, and crisis resolution. TechnoCrafts, Inc can take charge or support at any level of project management.

Technical Consulting

TechnoCrafts, Inc consultants are completely trained in all aspects of enterprise applications. This training, combined with real-life experience, gives our consultants the background necessary to perform successful implementations, upgrades, modifications, and conversions.

System Administration

TechnoCrafts, Inc can install and configure your enterprise application environment for maximum efficiency, security, and protection of your information resources.

Application Consulting

Functional analysts from TechnoCrafts, Inc are experts in their respective disciplines. This enables them to lead or assist your organization in the development of functional requirements.

Data Conversion

No implementation can be successful without all the necessary data captured and converted to the new proper format and structure. Our consultants will assist in defining new data coding schemes and developing a quality-controlled conversion mechanism from existing data sources.

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing has become a powerful tool as companies strive to become more responsive to customers and competitive in the marketplace. Structured to empower business users to explore and exploit an enterprise's information assets, a data warehouse takes full advantage of the history created by all applications to ensure the ongoing integrity and quality of critical business data.

Data warehousing services from TechnoCrafts, Inc are dedicated to helping organizations successfully develop, implement, and maintain these leading-edge solutions. Providing experienced project teams and leveraging partnerships with industry leaders, TechnoCrafts, Inc quickly and effectively helps you take full advantage of data warehousing solutions. Data warehousing services include:

Needs Assessment

TechnoCrafts, Inc can design and conduct interviews to identify the needs of system users. These needs can be summarized, describing each data set in the organization along with the creation, maintenance, access, and analysis activities for each user group in the organization. Through a thorough analysis of each group's needs, detailed requirements and design specifications are documented to ensure the system supports your business objectives.

Technical Architecture

It is critical to the success of the warehouse to design the most effective data aggregation strategy and data model. This will not only provide dimensional flexibility and superior performance, but will allow for future data growth and dimensional expansion. An efficient, cost-effective solution is designed to meet your data warehousing needs using industry best practices, proven methodologies, and a compilation of recommended database, extraction, and data modeling tools and technologies.

Data Cleansing and Conversion

TechnoCrafts, Inc consultants are experienced in developing data cleansing and conversion methodologies that assist clients in the transfer of accurate data from any source into their data warehouse. Technocrafts, Inc can also assist with integrating data from proprietary and standard formats as well as commercially available data sets. We have experience and relationships with leading extraction and translation tool vendors, which enables the implementation of a rapid and repeatable data cleansing and conversion process.

Prototype Definition and Data Modeling

TechnoCrafts, Inc can provide you with a working model of your actual data that can then be manipulated, reported, and tested in your environment. Through production of prototypes for data, system architecture, and dimensional analysis, TechnoCrafts, Inc can help you at any step in the process.

Report Design and Generation

A flexible report generation interface provides business analysts and executives with the ability to perform detailed analysis of custom reports from their desktop via Web browsers, existing applications, or custom reporting software. TechnoCrafts, Inc can assist in the design and creation of reporting structures and systems.


TechnoCrafts, Inc consultants are experienced in the implementation of data warehouse architecture and related databases. The integrity and implementation rules governing the consistency between information in the data warehouse and the operational applications are identified and initiated, which creates a smooth and effective transition from test to production.

Database Administration

TechnoCrafts, Inc can provide you with database specialists that excel in database maintenance and administration, which will improve data integrity and ensure the long-term success and support of your data warehouse.

Project Management

Supplying project leaders, analysts, practitioners, and architects as well as performing training and education follow-ups, TechnoCrafts, Inc can help you create a flexible set of solutions, support the operation of the data warehouse, and evolve your solution over time.

Technocrafts, Inc is dedicated to helping organizations successfully develop, implement, and maintain these leading data warehouse solutions. Providing experienced project teams and leveraging partnerships with industry leaders, TechnoCrafts, Inc quickly and effectively helps you take full advantage of data warehouse solutions across virtually every key industry.

Web Development

Companies around the world are leveraging the Internet to gain a competitive advantage. Whether it is putting your company's products on the desktops of key customers or streamlining your business processes, TechnoCrafts, Inc delivers the expertise to develop and execute a complete Web strategy.

In addition to developing world-class Web solutions, TechnoCrafts, Inc can help you Web-enable strategic applications that improve access, delivery, and integration across existing enterprise systems. You can leverage our real-world experience in developing these solutions to bring expertise to your organization quickly and efficiently. TechnoCrafts, Inc can help you with all kinds of Web-based applications including:

Web Infrastructure Design and Maintenance

TechnoCrafts, Inc can help you develop and maintain your Internet infrastructure for both external and internal applications by leveraging leading technologies, industry expertise, and significant experience with Web-based solutions.

Customer Self Service Applications

Helping customers help themselves increases customer satisfaction and reduces the costs of call centers and support personnel. TechnoCrafts, Inc can assist in designing and implementing Web-based self service applications that reduce the burden on your customer service organization.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

TechnoCrafts, Inc can help you automate procurement, purchase orders, billing, invoicing, and statement viewing using the latest EDI applications and technology.

Electronic Commerce Systems

TechnoCrafts, Inc can assist with the creation of online stores with secure transactions and payment capabilities over the Web. By efficiently managing communications and transactions among all entities, your organization will slash transaction costs, reduce inventory costs, and improve profitability.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

TechnoCrafts, Inc can assist with integrating different applications, platforms, and databases including enterprise software applications, legacy systems, custom applications, and proprietary databases. By making these disparate systems work together, your organization will increased flexibility and valuable data integration.

Offshore Development

TechnoCrafts, Inc Offshore Development Center offers cost-effective services to companies who outsource their product development. We are ideally suited for extensive offshore product development and focus on Rapid Product Development to meet "Time to Market" requirements for our clients.

Offshore Development Centers (ODC) Benefits Include:

  • Product Development
  • Database Integration
  • Custom Software
  • Application Maintenance
  • Managed Services

Offshore Outsourcing Services - Software Development

  • Rapid Development
  • Beta Testing
  • Development
  • IT Management
  • Custom IT Requirements
  • Product Development
  • Technical Support
  • Maintenance
  • Product Planning
  • Product Enhancement